This musical is set in a time when zombies and humans are trying desperately to coexist. Yet a young human student, Maggie Mulligan, decides to brave all obstacles and become an exchange student at a high school for zombies in order to learn more about their culture. On her first day, something terrible happens! And against all odds, Maggie and her classmates learn lessons they'll never forget. Local a cappella group Late Night Menu takes you on a 100 percent unaccompanied a cappella musical through Maggie's adventures. Our golden pipes will tickle your fancy throughout terrifying zombie fights, delicious zombie-on-human romances, haunting throwbacks to the civil rights movement, and stunning vocal percussion from the infamous Zombie Principal Weathers.

Our show would be perfect for the following:

The Twin Cities has a huge a cappella scene, and we are excited to bring this type of music to the fringe festival in the form of zombies, one of Minneapolis' famed obsessions. Our overall humorous production has surprising depth through sometimes unintentional but well-meaning references to the civil rights movement, characters full of heart, and song and dance that will set your heart a-flutter.

We wrote this show for people who can't resist a good musical, and who can't resist a good zombie play. Come one come all.

Zombie High School premiered at the 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival, with Five Shows between August 7th and August 14th. It was the 13th best-attended production of 169 total shows in the Fringe, and played out to a sold-out final performance.

Zombie High School returned with a new cast member and a more intimate performance space for a two-night encore showing in October 2010.